Nick Stephenson Music – BBC Radio London Performance

Nick Stephenson, Jo Good and Ray Hough

Wow! What a week it’s been!

After the release of Shaking Rain on Tuesday, things kept on climbing… and I had a great time chatting on BBC Radio London yesterday to presenter Jo Good. I joined guests Richard Madeley, performance artist Nando Messias and BBC film maker Ray Hough to sing my other new single ONE THING (which was released in January). Nick Stephenson - BBC Radio London


We had a great debate about the lack of support for new musicians and live music nowadays, and how once upon a time gig listings would be printed in the likes of NME, Melody Maker, Q, etc.


If you missed it live, you can still have a listen here:

BBC Radio London


And feel free to continue the debate in the comment box below :). (I know there’s much more to be said on this discussion still – and many more live music venues to be recommended)Bright nick


  1. Kate says:

    It seems arenas and festivals are still the best places for audiences being receptive to the music. It was interesting hear the covers vs. new music debate. Pubs and cover music seem to go hand-in-hand. Are people still interested in discovering new music for themselves I wonder, or is it that they want it to be validated by radio and television first?
    Great performance Nick and well done Jo for championing up and coming musicians.

    • says:

      Thanks for listening Kate! Yeah festivals and arenas are certainly the places where people are most engaged with the music. Where people actually go away and look the act up afterwards, follow them on social media and buy the most CD’s. You can get lucky in a pub, have a few likes, sales and people that like your own material, but generally people that go to pubs are there to drink and chat rather than discover music. It’s a bonus if they like what I do. BUT I still feel this covers culture should be challenged even in pubs. If people have to be told what is good, It’s the performers responsibility to not back down and play they’re own songs as well as covers. Some people still need to be validated by TV etc. but there’s not gonna be much winning them over until you’re on TV so we might as well carry on regardless and stick to our guns.

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