Behind the Mask EP – Nick Stephenson (2017)

Behind the Mask EP – Available on all major download and streaming sites including Spotify, iTunes and Amazon mp3. Produced an engineered by Steve Rodford and Nick Stephenson © 2017. Artwork by Mothmeister

Wide Lying Smiles – Nick and The Sun Machine (2014)

Wide Lying Smiles by Nick and The Sun Machine
Wide Lying Smiles is the debut album by St Albans based rock/folk/pop outfit Nick and the Sun Machine. It’s also the second studio album by Nick Stephenson.

Released 8th March 2014. All songs by Nick Stephenson, arranged by The Sun Machine © 2014. Produced by Andy J Davies. Artwork by George White.

Dream Logic – Nick Stephenson (2010)

Dream Logic - Nick Stephenson

This project started in 2008, with sound engineer Justin French (who’s worked with St. Albans based musicians Enter Shikari) Nick and Justin also worked alongside Producer and multi-instrumentalist Bill Johnson. The album is enhanced by a collaboration with cellist Michael Wigram.

Released 12th of December 2010. Full album available to buy from BandCamp, Amazon and iTunes

Giant’s Causeway E.P – Nick Stephenson (2014)

Nick Stephenson - Giants Causeway

The ‘ONLINE ONLY’ Giant’s Causeway is a solo E.P recorded in January 2013 and released a year later.

Although this is predominantly a solo project, Nick and the Sun Machine make contributions to ‘God’s little soldiers’, ‘The Murderous food incident’ and an earlier version of ‘A reason with me’. Michael Wigram, who played on Nick’s debut album Dream Logic, plays cello on the songs ‘No Golden Returns’ and ‘The Woman holds me tight’. Nick Stephenson co produced Giant’s Causeway with Justin French.

Breeze soundtrack – Nick Stephenson and Justin French (2012)

Nick Stephenson and Justin French - Breeze original soundtrack

Breeze was recorded in March/ April 2012 and was originally intended as a soundtrack for an iphone game where the player controls the wind.

The front cover used for the album was painted by the artist Charles Burchfield and is entitled Autumnal Fantasy (1916 -1944). The image reflects the dream-like music within. A strange and enchanting concoction of cinematic folk/electronic.

Available to listen to on Soundcloud

The E.P Collection Outtakes and Rarities – Nick Stephenson (2008 – 2010)

Nick Stephenson - The EP Collection
The ‘E.P Collection’ is a compilation of the three E.P’s released leading up to Nick Stephenson’s debut album Dream Logic (Every Small Movement, I Heard the Quiet and Almost Dream Logic)
As well as containing nearly all of the songs from those E.P’s, it includes previously unreleased demos of ‘No Golden Returns’, ‘The Glass Clinic’ and ‘Ice in the Fireplace’ plus two unreleased Ground Dust recordings (recorded just before the band split up in Feb 2010)
Nick also covers Fairport Convention (‘Farewell, Farewell’) Kate Bush (‘Hounds of love’) and Wilco (Jusus ect.) with singer Katie Masson.