Nick Stephenson Music – June Angel (Video)

Nick Stephenson performing for Jacket Sessions

Nick Stephenson Music – June Angel (Video)

I’m excited to have a brand new video of my song June Angel launched today by Jacket Records for Jacket Sessions!!

I wrote the song in February 2016. Thematically similar to this year’s earlier single Shaking Rain, June Angel is predominantly a love song in which I sometimes take a good, hard look at myself in order to move forward. Doing this alone can be hard, which is why this song is a huge acknowledgement of a certain amazing individual in my life. It has an underlying defiance about burying the past to experience a better future (A little bit like my song Over you) but is for the most part a celebration of a wonderful feeling.

The song is also getting the professional recording treatment from Steve Rodford (of The Zombies) in early October and will be released as a single later this year. It will also be on my third album which is planned for 2017.

Enjoy the video 😉

Nick Stephenson x

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