Nick Stephenson Music: Midnight Movements – Comparing the 2 versions PLUS New Music News!


Nick Stephenson Music: Midnight Movements – Comparing the 2 versions PLUS New Music News!

Midnight Movements 2006

As new music is on the horizon in the shape of a new release (read on!) I thought it’d be a good time to compare the two versions of my song Midnight Movements from 2006 (recorded 2010) and 2016.

The song was written in 2006 but the first recorded version of this song was made at Sleepless Studio in St Albans with engineer Justin French, producer Bill Johnson and band mates Simon Hadwin (drums) and Joe Brookes (electric guitar). A team effort that ended up on my debut album Dream Logic.

Nick Stephenson Dream Logic album

Midnight Movements 2016

By contrast, I recorded the latest version at home on Garage band through one microphone in December 2016.

I’m now 33, so just before my birthday in January, I wanted the new version, Midnight Movements 2016 to reflect how I felt about my life at the age of 32 and how good it feels to have grown into a place of certainty, happiness and fulfilment as a result of better life choices since the first version was written over 10 years ago.The feelings I have today almost certainly eluded the man/boy off 22 years old in the earlier version, so it feels great to highlight the passage of time with this bolder, updated version of the song. It also feel that it’s entirely fitting that I recorded the new version alone as this perhaps suggests a level of independence absent from previous methods of working.

I’m very happy with the overall arrangement and also the intent behind the lyric, which I believe doesn’t hold back. As a result, these words are way less suggestive than the first version.

Midnight Movements Nick Stephenson

New Music is coming…

This song has really given me the opportunity to reflect on where I am musically and lyrically. Usually when I do this, it allows me to move on to the next phase of my life, both personally and professionally.

Speaking of which I have some great news! I have decided to put out an EP in March 2017 called Behind the Mask. The leading track will be a song called June Angel (the was video made by Jacket records) along with 4 other recordings. I don’t want to give too much away but one of these will be an unusual cover version.

I’m very excited for you to hear what I’ve been up too, the actual release date will be announced very soon!

In the mean time feel free to leave a comment in the box below if you have any thoughts on these two versions or if you can guess what that cover will be… 😉

Nick Stephenson x




  1. Martin Stewart says:

    My guess for the cover version is that it’s got to be a Bowie cover of sorts. But you said unusual cover so I’m going with Dancing in the Streets which he covered alongside Mick Jagger.

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