Nick Stephenson Music – Official HALLOWEEN E.P Launch!!


Nick Stephenson Music – Official HALLOWEEN E.P Launch!! 

So it’s official! I’m very excited to announce that my passion project and labour of love for the past three years will finally be launched on the 31st of October!

The first physical copies of my latest E.P – Behind The Mask will be available to buy at The Magic Garden in Battersea where I’ll also be performing songs from the E.P and possibly even looking a bit scary (I’ll see what I can find – I hear Donald Trump, sampled on track 2 ‘Obey’, will be running a competition to visit his ‘beauty salon’…)

I feel the spooky date fits perfectly with the theme of masks and the macabre artwork of the E.P. Anyone who knows me well will be aware of my love of horror and anything creepy!


This revamped version includes the 4 original tracks (June Angel, Obey, One Thing, Shaking Rain) and 1 David Bowie cover (Blackstar) that appeared online in March 2017 PLUS! (CD only) bonus track ‘Love River’, a dive into the complexities of breaking away from the past and embracing the new. It’s a key track in my repertoire and this release of the song is entirely self produced/ arranged. This bonus track also has something special added onto the end. I won’t mention what this is but I think people will like it 😉

Sleeve Design

The striking cover art is the work of creative visionaries Mothmeister.

I discovered Mothmeister when staying in Hastings recently. I found myself in an independent Taxidermy Museum! The owner of which (Facebook – Curious Kanna)
also produces great Taxidermy magazines. I found an article about Mothmeister in issue 2 and was really impressed with their incredible artwork, so decided to contact them to see if they’d be interested in collaborating or letting me use one of their images. Thankfully they said yes!



The Launch

Come join me at The Magic Garden, 231 Battersea Park Road, London, SW11 4LG this HALLOWEEN!
The CD is also available to pre-order on Bandcamp where you can also listen to the original 5-track release.

Nick x



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